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Aslı Özdemir

HR Cube


Asli is the founder of HR CUBE Human Capital Consulting LLC based in Dubai which is an HR consultancy company purely focused on recruitment across EMEA and CIS region including Turkiye. As a hands-on Recruitment Director in the company, she serves both multinational companies as well as start-ups in a range of positions; from creating a team of all levels from scratch to executive roles together with her team. She has expertise in placements of the scarce source of roles and in international recruitment, headhunting the right talent from any part of the World.

She started her career in Fortis Bank as an MT, then moved to Yasar University where she worked as a Lecturer and a Head of the Program between 2006-2010. Later on, she worked for Adecco where she led the unlocking the full potential of two branches as an Area Manager. Afterwards she focused on core HR responsibilities in the headquarters of Doga Schools and the headquarters of Medical Park Hospital Chains, managing recruitment, employee engagement and talent management strategy nationwide.

She holds a B.Sc degree from Middle East Technical University which is followed by an MBA degree and a PhD degree in Human Resources Management. She is a lifelong learner, and has attended training programs at Cambridge University, Ege University, and Wharton School of Business covering training, management and HR analytics.

In addition to her role in HR CUBE, she provides professional trainings to companies in the domain of “Managing and Motivating Virtual/Remote Teams”, “The Basics and More of Being a Great Leader for New Managers”, “Recruitment Interviewing Essentials”, “Talent Acquisition and Hiring for non-HR Managers”.