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Dârâ Hizveren

La French Tech Istanbul
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Dârâ Hizveren has a bachelor of science degree from Strasbourg University and an MBA from Strasbourg Management School. After working as a consultant at Accenture in Luxembourg, he worked for international financial institutions in his home town of Istanbul for several years. He then joined a FinTech-focused mobile agency as Head of Product Development in 2014, where he worked for more than 3 years. He also taught Digital Product Development at Strasbourg Management School and conducted workshops for various incubators in Luxembourg. In 2018, Dârâ went back to banking at Garanti BBVA, as Head of Innovation, where he facilitated the creation and adoption of innovative products and services.

Finally in 2021, he joined his current company as COO where he is building tools & services to help developers grow their mobile subscription based apps. That same year, he also co-founded La French Tech Istanbul where he became President in 2023.