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Onur Şekerlisoy

Şekerlisoy Holding


Onur Sekerlisoy is an innovative, productive and insightful leader with a proven track record spanning seven years, in six sectors with thirteen companies; including lecturing “Fundamental Law” at Bilgi University, as well as “Commercial Law” and “Criminal Law” at Nişantaşı University.

Following his stint as a university lecturer, Onur Sekerlisoy took a leading role in establishing NYP (National Youth Parliament) and the Local Agenda 21 project, which was conducted by the Youth Association for Habitat. This inspired him to pursue a role as an activist in the ”I Want to be Elected” Campaign, whose goal was to reduce the age of candidacy from 30 to 25, where he produced the campaign declaration.

Onur Sekerlisoy was named one of the most successful CEOs under the age of 40 by Economist Magazine in 2016 and was among the top 10 most successful CEOs by Hürriyet Journal in 2017 and 2018.