Geri dön

Ülkü Kartal Özcan


Ülkü has been in the cement industry for 22 years and worked in all local and global markets (except Far East) and in the international companies. In LAFARGE Turkey, she worked as Senior Strategist, Strategy and Business Development Director and Marketing Projects Director.

In 2010, she was transferred to international cement player CIMSA CIMENTO which is one of the two leading brands in the world in white cement with 5 integrated plants in Turkey and 2 grinding facilities in Houston (USA) and Ankara (Turkey). 

During the period when Ülkü was the CEO between 2018-2020; Strategic, financial and operational targets of the company were achieved with a systemic structure. The company became the “Export Champion” in 2018 with export of white cement and special products made to over 65 countries.