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Ali Halabi


About Ali Halabi:
Born in Lebanon, Ali Halabi moved to Istanbul with Procter & Gamble Turkey in 2012. After settling down in Istanbul, the city’s size and congestion challenges inspired him to venture out into the startup world, finding in technology and innovation the only way to a sustainable future of urban mobility. Founded in late 2017, Volt Lines was launched on April of 2018, and has quickly become one of the fastest growing, most funded startups in Turkish history.

About Volt Lines:
Volt Lines is a B2B subscription based, transit network of premium 16-seater buses operating in Istanbul. Working with clients such as Domino’s, Vodafone, Canon, Mondelez, General Electric, ICBC, and Dupont, Volt Lines’ technology gives its users access to unlimited rides on any bus operating on the network, making the 50,000-bus, 1.2$b shuttle bus industry in Istanbul a lot more efficient. Eventually, Volt Lines aims to create a reliable and data-driven alternative transport system that sits between public transport & car ownership.