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Volt Lines Founder Ali: ISP Encouraged Me to Look at My Own Business Through Different Lenses All At Once


Endeavor selected 37 high-impact entrepreneurs leading 21 companies at the 90th International Selection Panel (ISP) in Atlanta, held between September 23-25, 2019. Ali Halabi, the founder of Volt Lines was amongst these entrepreneurs too. We asked Ali about his personal journey in the Endeavor Selection process.

How and why did you join Endeavor?

I believe Endeavor Turkey is a critical engine of ecosystem growth and efficiency. Endeavor changed my life by helping me as an entrepreneur even before getting selected. From mentorship to investor connections, Endeavor’s impact on Volt Lines’ journey has been transformational.

What were the differences between your expectations and encounters during the selection process?

The selection process is very unique and demanding. My initial expectation was that it’ll be very similar to fundraising but it wasn’t. While fundraising you’re talking to angels and VC’s who more or less think alike. The Endeavor selection process requires the entrepreneur to shift gears and lenses, encouraging the entrepreneur to look at their own business from different angles. That’s obviously extremely valuable and you don’t get to do this exercise without going through the process. This is also incredibly unique and I would attribute the uniqueness of this experience to the diversity of the Endeavor mentors and panelists.

How was your International Selection Panel experience? What was the most valuable contribution to you?

Like I mentioned in my previous answer, the ISP encouraged me to look at my own business from the lens of a CMO, COO, CFO, an investment banker, a VC, and a conservative LP, all at once.

What kind of contribution do you expect from Endeavor in the coming period?

Help in access to talent and capital are among the most required ingredients in any startup’s success. I believe Endeavor will be a great contributor to both.

What are your recommendations for entrepreneurs who will apply to Endeavor?

Take the process seriously, and invest the right time in it. It’s an investment, and whether you’re selected or not, a big chunk of the value is in the selection process itself. Some of the advice I heard in the process impacted Volt Lines significantly.